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As electricians – we start off with the same basic training but apply and build on those fundamentals in very different ways. This allows you, the customer to have qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable electricians available to you all in one Company at Richard Meyer Electrical!


Definition: electricians that work in structures for public use such as malls, business, etc.

As Commercial Electricians our work entails different energy needs, load demands, materials, and equipment setup than residential electrical jobs.
For example, most residential wiring is single phase and 120 volts, whereas commercial structures normally use a three phase design—providing greater energy output for the increased power demands of commercial environments. We are experts in installing and upgrading wiring, as well as higher voltage electrical systems, generators, special health and safety equipment, oversized appliances, and large heating and air conditioning units.

With our experienced crew we can hand a variety of commercial projects. Currently some of our projects included work that entailed starting from scratch building.

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Definition: electricians working with industries including dairy industry, cold storage, farm product processing, and cattle feed grinding.

“In the last five years, Agriculture farms are massively moving to LED lighting, which has a huge reduction in energy costs, especially for poultry and dairy farms where much of the activity takes place indoors. Farms are bigger so there’s less manpower and more automating, moving to remote monitor through the cloud, so you can actually see it on your desktop.”
At RMES we have certified IT Electrical technicians at your disposal. We can do it all!

For your Greenhouses, we can assist with employing energy curtains on the ceilings of your greenhouses to help with heating at night and in the winter, cooling during the day, and dispersing humidity. Now computer programs automatically open and close them as needed.

Did you know – B.C. operators prefer to use natural gas to heat their greenhouses because the carbon dioxide produced helps plants grow? In recognition, the province offers relief grants equal to 80 per cent of the B.C. carbon tax on eligible natural gas and propane consumed by greenhouses.


Definition: electricians that work primarily in heavy duty environments that are typically restricted from public access such as manufacturing plants and factories.

As Industrial Electricians, we install, replace, and repair wiring, receptacles, switch boxes, conduits, lighting fixtures, and other typical electrical components.
However, we are also trained to install and repair electrical motors, generators, industrial storage batteries, transformers, regulators, and adaptors.
We have a specialized Team that can install and service robots and other computerized control equipment.

Specialty Services

Definition: Electricians plan, design, assemble, install, alter, repair, inspect, verify, commission, connect, operate, maintain, and decommission electrical systems.

Electrical systems provide heating, lighting, power, alarm, security, communication and control in residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, transportation, marine and entertainment environments.

Richard Meyer , owner of RMES is a certified FSR (Field Safety Representative)

Trouble Calls?

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*service includes calibration and preventative/predictive maintenance

Call us ANYTIME with your needs for Agriculture, Industrial, Construction and Commercial needs – we can troubleshoot all of it!